Nora Manning soon came to believe the house was truly haunted. After seeing the ghost of Annabelle hanging dead outside the upstairs window, Nora bolts out into the dark hallway. As she turns the corner she stops dead in her tracks. Annabelle is hanging dead in the stairwell. Nora screams in terror and steps backwards. As she backs up against the hallway door frame, a monster arm emerges and slowly reaches out!

Directed by William Castle and produced by his own William Castle Productions, House on Haunted Hill was released in 1959 and showcased the groundbreaking, terrifying special effects “Emergo”

A skeleton on a pulley system would be projected over the audience at the spine tingling finale.

Starring Vincent Price in his 47th acting appearance as millionaire Frederick Loren. Classic old school horror at it’s best which features the classic monster arm scene which is the inspiration behind this website.  That hand gets so close and almost gets her! Frightening!