House on Haunted Hill

Original inspiration for Monster Arm.

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Creature From The Black Lagoon – 1954

With their backs turned to the opposite porthole, a fish-like hand reaches into the cabin. That's a fish Monsterarm and it's going to try to grab them. Thankfully Dr. David Reed fends it off with a wooden bat. The Creature From The Black Lagoon is a 1954 black and...

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Happy Days – Haunted – 1974

Classic Hallowe'en TV episode from Happy Days featured a scary Hallowe'en party at the old Simpson house. Everyone knows the house is haunted and Richie starts to feel a little scared about it. After he sees something in the closet of the house after scouting it out...

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House On Haunted Hill – 1959

Nora Manning soon came to believe the house was truly haunted. After seeing the ghost of Annabelle hanging dead outside the upstairs window, Nora bolts out into the dark hallway. As she turns the corner she stops dead in her tracks. Annabelle is hanging dead in the...

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The Friendliest Zombie

Who’s that wandering over there? It’s the Friendliest Zombie, that’s who!